Democrat obstructionist Nancy Pelosi just filed a lawsuit to block President Trump’s effort to secure the border.

House Democrats just challenged President Trump’s plan to move money to build a wall at the southern border. They are demanding that federal judges step in to block Trump’s plan.

The 45-page lawsuit was filed in federal district court today following a meltdown Pelosi had earlier in the week in which she threatened President Trump on securing funding for the wall:

She started out her weekly press conference with a claim about President Trump: “He likes shutting down the government, shutting down the border.” Shutting down the border? Has she seen the invasion happening at our southern border?

This will backfire on the Democrats as they are seen more and more as the party that puts Americans last.

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According to the Washington Times:

The case challenges two different transfers of money Mr. Trump announced earlier this year: $2.5 billion from a Pentagon drug interdiction fund and $3.6 billion Mr. Trump said he could move after declaring a national emergency, flexing powers under a 1976 law.

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“The administration’s actions here demonstrate a shocking disregard for the Appropriations Clause, which protects Congress’s ‘exclusive power over the federal purse,’” the House says in its lawsuit.

Mrs. Pelosi and her colleagues said they had only approved $1.375 billion this year for “barrier construction” — they specifically avoided calling it a “wall” — and they said any additional money the president tries to spent is unconstitutional.

Pelosi and Democrats have done nothing to improve our immigration laws with loopholes because this is their plan. They need new voters.


It’s a fact that Nancy Pelosi won’t meet with the ‘Angel Moms’ who’ve lost loved ones because of illegal alien crime.

In fact, Pelosi also claims that illegals don’t commit crimes in the second video below.

Laura Wilkerson is one of the Angel Moms who is an activist against illegal immigration.

Her son was brutally murdered and then set on fire by an illegal. The death of her son was 100% preventable.

You would think that Nancy Pelosi would have a little more sympathy than to claim that illegals don’t commit crimes…Uh, yes they do!

The video below is from a CNN Town Hall in which Pelosi basically refuted Laura Wilkerson’s claim that illegals break laws.

Watch how Nancy Pelosi denies this grieving mother any sympathy or any sort of compassion for the brutal death of her teenage son at the hands of someone who should never have been in the country in the first place:

Please see the video below this one where Pelosi gets into a rare confrontation with ‘Angel Mom’ Laura Wilkerson.

You won’t believe what Pelosi says to this grieving mom.

“I am disgusted by Nancy Pelosi. It is unbelievable that we have politicians in our country that do not care about our people! And she said it numerous times!”

Pelosi won’t take a meeting with Angel parents:

While Democrats try and spin the facts, Americans continue to be victims of illegal alien crime.

Another courageous woman gave a powerful argument against MAKING LOS ANGELES a sanctuary city. She has felt the pain of those who’ve lost family members to illegal criminals. It’s well worth your time to listen to her.

When will America wake up?


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