The inevitability of President Trump winning reelection has Democrats trying to throw everything against the wall to see if it sticks. They pivoted from Russia, Russia, Russia to Racist, Racist, Racist to Recession, Recession, Recession.

The New York Times openly stated they pivoted from Russia to Racist to do everything they can to harm President Trump’s chances at reelection.

Even with the 24/7 news cycle of anti-Trump stories, the American people are saying it’s more and more likely that President Trump will be reelected:

The Washington Examiner is reporting that a growing number of Americans, now a substantial majority, believe that President Trump is at least “somewhat likely” to win reelection, according to a new survey.

Despite nonstop negative headlines and concerns of an economic stall, 63% believe Trump is heading to reelection in Scott Rasmussen’s latest 2020 poll.

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And, he said, those expectations have continued to grow even as the Democratic presidential primary race heats up.

In his daily memo, Rasmussen said, “The president’s job approval rating has also remained stable throughout the year. Despite that stability, the number who believe it’s likely that the president will be re-elected has grown every month.


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