Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez recently caused a stir at a detention center when she reportedly “threatened and screamed” at Border Patrol Agents during a tour.  It appears as though things haven’t gotten much better with the visits from Democrats according to a new report from Fox News:

Fox News is reporting that Democrat staffers have been “disruptive” during tours of the detention centers that house illegals. Because of the bad behavior from Democrats, the DHS is barring visits from the Democrats who also haven’t been following the previously agreed-upon ground rules for the visit.

Fox News reports a blatant disregard for prearranged rules regarding a visit from Democrats just last week:

The night before last week’s visits, DHS officials had a “late-night” phone call with committee staff, urging them to “respect officers on the ground” as to not “disrupt business” at facilities. But according to a CBP official, the committee’s chief counsel, who led the delegation starting in Yuma, Ariz., “refused to leave the facility after the hour-long tour,” despite previously agreeing to a 45-minute tour at each location.

Republican Jim Jordan sent a scathing letter to Democrat Cummings over the “rude” and “abusive” behavior during visits from Democrat staffers:

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“DHS asked the Committee to abide by the instructions of DHS personnel on the ground and to respect the significant operational interests of the border facilities visited. Unfortunately, at your apparent direction, Democrats refused to listen to law-enforcement instructions and made demands at the facilities ‘against the express written notice DHS had provided earlier.’”

Jordan said Democratic staff “abandoned” the agreement with DHS for limited photography and detainee interactions, and accused them of “wasting DHS manpower and taxpayer resources.”

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Rep. Jim Jordan asks Tom Homan how to fix the border crisis – Homan names three things we need to do:


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