DNC Chairman Tom Perez is the definition of a radical so it’s not out of character for him to behave like one.

He is known for his potty mouth (see below) during over-the-top speeches to loyal Democrats.

He just challenged Trump supporters by saying they are “cowards” for not standing up to our president. He’s got it all wrong.

Trump supporters are brave and continue to stand up for the president because they believe in what he’s doing for all Americans!

DNC Chair Tom Perez attacked supporters of President Trump, labeling them as “cowards” and asserting that “they will be judged harshly” during a discussion at Brandeis University with Dean David Weil on 4/1/19

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Tom Perez raised eyebrows when during a speech he went way overboard in his language:

Tom Perez must not have taken the class about winning friends and influencing people. How can you win over voters with such bitterness and anger? The Democrat Party has sunk to a new low with this classless thug. Who goes out there and speaks like this? We reported (see below) on the last speech Perez gave and he said the same nasty things. What gives? Are the deems so desperate that they’re now resorting to profanity-filled speeches that make false claims about Republicans and President Trump? We think it’s a losing strategy!

Newly elected Democrat Chair Tom Perez went a little bonkers with a rant on how he wants the Dems to think Trump didn’t win the election. The Democrats are trying to discredit Trump at every turn but they’re losing. The American people want good policy and NOT political turmoil. That’s exactly why Trump won! People are sick to death of this type of outright lying to sway people to your side.

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Perez has a long radical history connected to open borders organizations. His track record is full on radical. He’s in cahoots with Obama to continue the “fundamental transformation” of America. Anyone who’s a Democrat should be shocked that he’s taking the party in such a far left direction. Do your research and you’ll know why he was the choice for Dem Chair.

He just fired all Democrat Party staffers and is bringing in all new people. The party is clearly taking a new direction and it’s not a good one for any American.


What a shame that Democrats have this guy in place as their leader.

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