Former “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck made a guest appearance on the far-left political talk show this morning.

“The View” ringleader, Whoopi Goldberg opened the show welcoming Hasselbeck back to the show by giving her a hug. Behar bristled at Goldberg’s display of affection for Elizabeth and instead of a hug, offered her an elbow bump, using coronavirus as an excuse.

Hasselbeck used her opening to explain how she’s been working with others in Nashville, TN to help victims of the recent devastation caused by a violent tornado one week ago. It didn’t take long for Behar to attack Hasselbeck. When Hasselbeck said the “Red Cross said they’ve never seen a city respond this way to a crisis with their own neighbors and volunteers…” Behar abruptly interrupted to remind her that New Yorkers did the same thing. Hasselbeck graciously agreed with her.

Goldberg changed the subject, explaining that in an effort to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, the show was being aired in an empty studio. Goldberg told everyone that the coronavirus was not some “left-wing conspiracy.”

After liberals Joy Behar and Sonny Hostin spoke briefly about the coronavirus, Hasselbeck explained, “We’ve had deaths, those are serious. This is not to be taken lightly at all, but we shouldn’t be in a state of panic because what we’re doing, and taking cues from our president, is taking early, strong, bold actions to keep this at bay as much as we possibly can right now. We’re still on the front end of this. We’re on the very front end of this now, and I feel comfortable and confident that because of strong leadership.”

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A visibly agitated Joy Behar interrupted, “Where’s the strong leadership?” As Hasselbeck attempted to explain, Hostin interrupted her to explain how most Americans are suffering under President Trump, accusing Trump of being responsible for not having enough test kits. An angry Behar pointed out that President Trump shook hands with Rep. Doug Collins who came in contact with a coronavirus victim several days before they met. At the time Rep. Collins shook hands with President Trump, he was unaware that he had been in contact with a person who tested positive for coronavirus.

Watch “The View” hags give Hasselbeck their welcome back attack here:

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