Barack Obama was the first to use social media as a political tool to win the election in 2009.

Coincidentally, it was about that time that our family had the rug pulled out from us when our very successful auto dealership was shut down with one FedEx letter during the auto bailout. Obama made a clear choice of rewarding the unions over the auto dealers. How could this happen? With the snap of a finger, thousands of family businesses were shut down.

I had never been politically active, but what happened to our family was an awakening. My neighbor happened to be Democrat Rep. Gary Peters, but that didn’t stop me from asking him for help getting our business back. He did nothing to help us after promising to. Being a novice at politics, I hadn’t realized his empty promises were just that…empty.

I did something I never thought I’d do. I became a political activist overnight because I wanted to fight the injustices of Obama’s policies and call attention to what happens when government picks winners and losers.

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I happened to meet a candidate running against Congressman Peters and fought like heck to help him win the seat.

Our candidate lost in a heartbreaker, but that didn’t stop me from continuing to fight against Obama’s policies and his “fundamental transformation” of America. There was a silver lining…

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I met a seasoned activist who would become my best friend, and now the other half of 100% FED Up!

If you’re like me, once you’re awake and see what the left is trying to do to America, you can’t unsee it. You can’t go back because too much is at stake.

Discovering and then meeting Andrew Breitbart was a huge turning point because he was the “fearless warrior” who wasn’t afraid to speak up to call the left out.

One thing became clear; the media has become an evil extension of the Democrat Party. I started to notice the lies even on local channels and on my favorite morning show.  I felt compelled to speak out on social media to spread the truth.

Patty and I started our Facebook page to join forces since we both have children and husbands who patiently put up with our activism. Our writing wasn’t perfect, but we desperately tried to get the truth out, so we decided to invest in a website and spread our message on Instagram and Twitter.

Our message resonated because our audience exploded on social media and especially on Facebook. We would get thousands of “likes” and reached millions of people from all over the world. We were prompted by Facebook to invest in advertising, so we decided to spend money on growing our audience.

We worked tirelessly to get our message of truth out because we knew the mainstream media wasn’t telling it.

In 2016, Trump announced he was going to run, and I was on board right away. Patty was both a Cruz and Trump fan. We worked to spread Trump’s message night and day…literally. We desperately wanted this win because we knew how important it was.

After Trump won, we saw a drop in our audience and then gradually more and more censorship. The word was that Facebook was using the “fake news” mantra to censor conservatives. They didn’t like that Trump so successfully used social media to win.

We saw Facebook pages with millions of followers shut down overnight. People like us who had invested in Facebook had lost everything they’d invested to help grow their audience. It just kept getting worse, so we went to D.C. to speak with lawmakers… We’re still waiting for someone in Trump’s camp or a Republican to do something about the censorship. We’re not holding our breath.

Now, this…While CNN and other mainstream media outlets lie and twist the truth daily, we were told today that because of one “fact check violation” in July and one in August that there is a grey box that pops up when you click on a Facebook link that says we’ve “distributed multiple fake news stories.” Do you think they do this to CNN?

The ironic thing is that while the box below pops up to hurt our reach on Facebook, we’re still getting emails from Facebook Business to spend more money to “boost” a post.

They want us gone. We know it. We’ll keep fighting.

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