Andrew Pollock’s life changed forever when his daughter was killed in the Parkland High School shooting. Instead of turning away from gun rights, Pollock called out the people he felt were responsible for the senseless killings of teens at the schools. He told the truth. The truth is that every student and parent at the school was let down by the Sheriff’s liberal policies regarding troublemakers in the school. Those policies were enacted by Democrats. It’s why Andrew Pollack tweeted a message to Nancy Pelosi and all others he felt are responsible for the ineffective and disastrous policies that caused his daughter’s death.

Can you imagine the heartbreak? Everyone failed this father…everyone!

Pollack knows that taking away guns is not the answer. It’s why we MUST win in November! The Democrats are hell bent on restricting guns. We can’t let that happen. Red Wave! Do it for Meadow Pollack!

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