Filmmaker James Toback has been accused of being a sexual predator who uses his position in Hollywood to seduce aspiring actresses. In 2018 there were five cases of sexual misconduct against Toback being reviewed by the LA District attorney’s office. However, criminal charges were never filed against Toback because the allegations did not fall within the statute of limitations time frame.
The LA Times also corroborated the allegations saying that almost 400 women had reached out to them following a story in which they reported that 38 women had come forward following the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment story to share similar stories of how they were sexually harassed by Toback.


The State of New York recently changed its law on the statute of limitations, opening the door for a new lawsuit against Toback. The Adult Survivors Act was recently signed into law and gave victims a one-year window to sue their abusers regardless of when the abuse occurred. Victims can also sue institutions that protect sexual predators. The Harvard Club, which was used by Toback as a location for perpetrating the abuse, has also been named in the suit against Toback. The lawsuit accuses the Harvard Club of “providing him a safe haven for his reprehensible and criminal acts.”

The Harvard Club has not commented on the accusations except to say that Toback’s membership to the exclusive club was terminated in 2017. Toback is a 1966 Harvard graduate, which gave him access to the prestigious club.

Harvard Club

Seventy-Eight-year-old Toback has been accused of sexual misconduct for almost four decades.
The movies he produced that helped create his platform include; The Gambler (1974), The Pick-Up Artist (1987), Bugsy (1991), Two Girls and a Guy (1997), and The Private Life of a Modern Woman (2017). Bugsy was nominated for an Oscar Award.
Among Toback’s many accusers are actresses Selma Blair, Julianne Moore, and Rachel McAdams. In addition, Toback has been accused of using his friendship with Robert Downey Jr to build an impression of his importance in Hollywood when he pressured women into sex or sexual acts. Some of his victims also allege that he threatened them with violence if they spoke out about their encounters.
In January 2018, Selma Blair told The Talk she was afraid after Toback threatened her, ‘I’ve literally been afraid for 17 years of James Toback who threatened to murder me and, you know, put cement shoes on and gouge my eyes out with a Bic pen if I ever told anybody.’


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