The New York Times had to issue a correction to the inflammatory article claiming another sexual assault by Justice Kavanaugh. The effort to delegitimize Justice Kavanaugh continues with help from the leftist media. Democrats also chimed in with talk of impeaching Justice Kavanaugh.

President Trump is livid and says the one being assaulted is Justice Kavanaugh:

“The New York Times walks back a report on the Kavanaugh assault claim.” @foxandfriends

The one who is actually being assaulted is Justice Kavanaugh – Assaulted by lies and Fake News! This is all about the LameStream Media working with their partner, the Dems.

He just tweeted out about this fake news and suggests Kavanaugh sue The New York Times:

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Just Out: “Kavanaugh accuser doesn’t recall the incident.” @foxandfriends

DO YOU BELIEVE WHAT THESE HORRIBLE PEOPLE WILL DO OR SAY. They are looking to destroy, and influence his opinions – but played the game badly. They should be sued!

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The NYT walked back the claim:

President Trump tweeted out a quote from Dan Bongino:

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