Geraldo Rivera appeared on Hannity tonight (video below) and demonstrated why liberals aren’t problem solvers. He was asked about the situation on the border and proceeded to get emotional and angry about the use of tear gas by the border patrol.

What happened next is a classic moment where  Geraldo was asked what he would do to stop the rush at the border…He had no answer for Dan Bongino and Sean Hannity. All Geraldo could do was say that Trump has to stop treating the migrants like zombies from “Night of the Walking Dead”.

David Limbaugh said it best on Twitter:

I truly like Geraldo and think he’s an honest guy, but boy does he demonstrate in spades the way emotion, not reason, drives liberals on many issues. He could not answer Sean and Dan Bongino’s question of how border agents should dispel charging invaders other than w/ gas.

Geraldo works off of emotion and isn’t pragmatic like President Trump.

Geraldo offers no solution when asked what he would do to handle the situation at the border. It is no longer a debate but just a monologue…



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