UK Glamour magazine opted to join the LGBTQ+ pride month celebration by featuring a pregnant biological female posing as a man on their June cover, inciting anger from the Left and Right.

News Busters editor, Tim Graham called the photo shoot a fight against reality, “This is a war on facts; this is a war on science.” He cynically asked why the fashion magazine would choose to feature the pregnant woman asking, “How is this glamorous?” He continued saying this is “A war on biology,” creating a “hostile environment out there for anyone who believes in reality.” And noting that the leftist agenda is being ram-rodded down everyone’s throat, “You will be made to care.”

Twitter users spoke out about the issue calling it “Mentally deluded. Pregnant. Rather Silly,” to glorify a woman having a baby is odd indeed.

A “Woman is having a baby, and Glamour UK seems to think that this is worth a cover. Women have children every day. They bring their children into the world without fuss and attention seeking. They are sane and rational.”


Logan Brown, the cover model, identifies as a “trans pregnant man” who “exists” despite opposition and skepticism. According to Breitbart, Brown claims to be living proof a man can have a baby,

“So no matter what anyone says, I literally am living proof,” Brown continued talking about pregnancy, saying the ability to “bring a baby up into the world in a queer relationship is the best feeling ever.”

The transgender activist openly discussed struggling with poor mental health. Brown said she had “really bad mental health growing up,” leading to constant therapy, and said while in a woman’s hospital felt “like everyone’s looking at me.”

Brown continued,
“I’ve been misgendered by staff, and no one’s actually turned around to me and said, ‘Are you OK?’ No one’s asked what it feels like to be a trans pregnant man,” Brown complained while saying there was a struggle for “some mental health support.”
Companies like Glamour can not resist following Bud Light and Target into forcing their customer base to engage in a personal conversation, even if it means angering both sides.
French-American gay rights activist Fred Sargeant thinks it is ridiculous to feature a pregnant heterosexual woman on the cover of Glamour. He tweeted, “So a pregnant straight woman for @ Glamour Uk pride month cover. That makes complete sense these days. Pride month has become a competition amongst trans panderers to see who can most completely lose the plot about what pride was created to commemorate and celebrate.

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