Richard Hopkins, a combat veteran, and former Marine, never asked to go public with his story about how the Eerie, PA USPS was allegedly cheating voters by backdating ballots not eligible to be counted because they missed the deadline. In addition to having his life turned upside down since stepping forward with his whistleblower claim, the USPS postal worker who has a daughter he is supporting has been placed on “non-pay” status.

The letter from the USPS, explaining Hopkin’s unpaid, off-duty status was published in a tweet by Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe.

GoFundMe, a group that is notorious for shutting down fundraisers for conservatives, has shut down the fundraiser for Hopkins on their website. Please consider making a donation to this brave man who calls what is currently happening to him, harder than anything he endured in Afghanistan.

Here is the link to the Christian website that is allowing supporters of Hopkins to make a donation to him and his family:

Please consider making a donation to Richard Hopkins, who has been put on non-paid leave by the USPS.

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