A father in Phoenix faces a second-degree homicide charge after a violent incident transpired at a convenience store that involved his teenage daughter and another grown man. The incident has left one man without his life and another facing serious jail time. Of course, this might also bring back bad memories of Obama and the bathroom policies that some stores adapted, and people wanting to see men in the women’s bathroom. Clearly, many others would greatly disagree with having a full grown man in the little girls bathroom. Some people wonder if these bizarre bathroom policies have opened the doors for people to be more brazen when attempting to commit their crimes against children or women in the bathroom.

It all started when Melvin Harris was off to pick up his daughter, a 16-year-old, and her two friends. They had just finished up at work and Melvin was going to pick them up. The daughter and her two friends wanted to stop at a store to get a drink and use the restroom.

The daughter went to use the restroom and another man came “barging” in, shaking her stall door violently and trying to get in. The daughter claims the man was trying to get to her. What would have happened if the man got the door open, no one knows.

Next thing you know, the daughter is out of the bathroom and informs her father. The father talks to the security guard who claims the incident was being taken care of, but the father was not happy. The father took the incident into his own hands and confronted the man, identified as Leon Leevon Armstrong, who allegedly tried to “get” his daughter.

This is when Harris demanded that they (the store/security) “take care of the situation, or he would do it himself.”

Records state that Harris, his daughter, and her friends then saw the same man who tried to enter the bathroom stall where the girl was. It was Armstrong. That’s when Harris confronted him about what happened. What happened next ended in a fight. Harris, his daughter, and the friends left. Armstrong was taken to the hospital where he later passed away as a result of his injuries. Witnesses reported that Harris stomped, kicked, and repeatedly hit Armstrong.

AZFamily reported more: “His fiancee, Diana Jackson, says he was just protecting their daughter.

“I’m not mad at him. I don’t feel like he did anything wrong. I love him. He did what he was supposed to do for our kid. You cannot tell someone they’re wrong for protecting their children,” said Jackson.

It’s been 11 days since Jackson last saw her fiance, Melvin Harris, as police took him to jail.

Earlier this month she says Harris was picking up their 16-year-old daughter and two of her friends, who had all just gotten off work.

They asked to stop at the QuikTrip convenience store on 19th Avenue and Dunlap Avenue for a soda and a bathroom break.

That’s when Harris’ daughter says a man, whom police have identified as Leon Leevon Armstrong, came barging in, shaking the stall door trying to get to the teenager.

“The only thing that goes through my mind is, what would he have got in? (sic)” said Jackson.

Court documents show Harris and his daughter let employees and the hired security guard know what happened. But Jackson believes Harris felt not enough was done about it.

Court documents show Harris told the security guard to “take care of the situation, or he would do it himself.”

“If you know there’s a known problem, why not fix it before it got that far?” asked Jackson.

Witnesses told police Harris hit, stomped, and kicked the man repeatedly.

Harris admitted to police that he punched the victim in the face, but says Armstrong swung at him first, according to police documents.

Armstrong later died at the hospital. The police report states he suffered brain swelling, a nasal fracture and loss of oxygen.

“I would have done the same thing. I don’t feel bad at all for his actions. I feel bad that the man ended up dying in the process. I do,” said Jackson.

Harris is now charged with second-degree murder. And Jackson left wondering when she’ll see her fiance again.

“But now he’s a criminal for protecting his child? That’s not fair. It’s not,” she said.”

Harris sits on $100,000 bond and has a few other crimes under his belt. His previous crimes involve shoplifting, obstructing police, and trespassing, but none of his prior crimes appear to include violence.

This story raises the huge question of how Obama’s bathroom policies have affected people.

Did the bathroom politics that came with former President Obama open the door for predators?

Is this another example of why the common public should not want men in the women’s bathroom?

Should President Trump examine the bathroom policies and remind people that men and women do not need to be mixed in the bathroom at the same time?

What would you do if your child said a man was trying to get them while they were in the bathroom stall?


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