Keeping the American people in the dark about what is legal and proper about releasing the ‘unredacted’ Mueller Report is what the Democrats are hoping for right now.

The House Judiciary lead my Chairman Jerry Nadler just subpoenaed for the ‘complete and unredacted’ Mueller Report.

This is all political grandstanding by partisan Democrats and nothing more.

Why? Because, by law, this information cannot be shared outside of the Justice Department:

Rush Limbaugh discussed why the grand jury testimony cannot be released:

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Grand jury material is by law secret. It cannot be divulged. It must be redacted in whatever is presented. But the subpoena is for everything unredacted, including grand jury material.

This subpoena — and this is the crossroads — this subpoena is demanding that the nation’s number one law enforcement officer, the attorney general, violate the law. In a nutshell, that’s what the Democrats in the House Judiciary Committee are demanding, that the attorney general, William Barr, violate the law.

Mueller was working with a grand jury. There are, therefore, grand jury interviews. There are grand jury tertiary witnesses, secondary witnesses, a bunch of people that contributed nothing, salacious questions and answers that had nothing to do with the eventual outcome.

What Rush goes on to say is that the Democrats want any dirt they can get from anyone who testified before the grand jury whether it’s true or not. This is 100% political.

The grand jury testimony cannot be released as is stated also by Rep. Doug Collins. Collins has been like a dog on a bone trying to help get the truth out about this hoax. He’s spot on in the statement below:

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The Democrats are flailing all over the place to try and continue the Russian Hoax but are only making themselves look worse than they already have by promoting the fake Steele dossier for over two years.

In fact, what changed about how Chairman Nadler felt about the Starr Report and now about the Mueller Report? The answer is that it was Democrat Bill Clinton in ’98 and now it’s a Republican who is in the White House.

The video below shows Nadler calling for the Starr Report to be kept secret and then today saying he wants the entire Mueller Report unredacted:

The Democrats are counting on the American people to stay in the dark about the truth. Congressmen like Doug Collins are heroes for standing up for truth, unlike some other Republicans who haven’t spoken out.

Collins, Nunes, Jordan, and Graham should be recognized for their incredible work in getting to the truth.

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