We’ve said it so many times, but we’ll say it again: This crime was 100% preventable!

Blood is on the hands of the Sheriff of San Jose who defends the policy (video below) of ignoring the illegal status of criminals. The video below of this sheriff defending the policy and repeatedly saying this is about “public safety” will make your blood boil. What about the “public safety” of this woman who was brutally murdered by a thug who should have been deported long ago?

San Jose police arrested an illegal with known gang ties and a long rap sheet of arrests and criminal behavior who had SIX ICE DETAINERS but was let go.

His latest crime is stalking and then slaughtering a 59-year old San Jose woman in her home.

Carlos Eduardo Arevalo Carranza, 24, was arrested Monday for the brutal murder of 59-year-old Bambi Larson.

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When Larson didn’t show up for work, her son went to check on her and found her stabbed to death in her bedroom.

She had been stabbed multiple times and suffered blunt force trauma to her body.

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Despite having six detainers placed on him by ICE, Carranza was never deported.

Listen to San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia say that his police officers do not ask legal status of criminals. You WILL NOT believe this!

“We are here to protect and embrace our otherwise law-abiding, undocumented residents, We are not here nor should we be here to shield admitted gangsters, or violent criminals regarded less of immigration status.”

The San Jose Police Officers’ Association’s statement:

“When it comes to policing, there’s a distinct difference between a Dreamer who commits a victimless crime and a violent serial sexual predator with multiple offenses. Our society must recognize there’s a difference between someone who is trying to make ends meet for their family, and an admitted gang member, a monster who brutally murders an innocent woman in her own home.”

“Trying to make ends meet”??? Ignoring a serious criminal offender lead to the brutal death of LEGAL American citizen who should be protected by her local police department.

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