Investigative journalist and former Congressional candidate Laura Loomer attended a book tour and signing for disgraced former FBI Director James Comey hosted in Naperville, Illinois, Monday night. While there, she confronted him about his unlawful handling of the Trump investigation.

Laura Loomer Confronts James Comey

Loomer posted the video footage of the confrontation in which she directly asked when he plans to write a book about a criminal who headed up the FBI, remarking that he should write a book about himself.

Comey started his presentation about his inspiration for writing his new book by saying, “All good lawyers are great story-tellers,” leading Loomer to stand up and say, “I think we all know, James Comey, that you are a great story-teller because you made up the entire story about the cross-fire hurricane, so it’s really fitting that a criminal like yourself wrote a crime novel. ” She continued, “Do you remember me from your book signing?….John Durham’s report came out and found that the FBI, under your watch, acted inappropriately and contrary to fidelity to the law.”

Loomer was interrupted and asked to sit down but kept speaking, saying, “I think the next crime novel should be about a criminal and incompetent FBI Director who fed false information to the federal government and the press to stage a coup against a sitting United States President. That’s what I think!” While liberal audience members around Loomer asked her to leave, she continued again, asking Comey, “Why don’t you write a crime novel about yourself?”

While the audience stood up in front of her and told her she had taken up five minutes and needed to leave, she looked at Comey and said, “He says he likes criticism; write a crime novel about yourself; it takes a criminal to know a criminal.”

She encouraged the audience members opposing her to read the John Durham report and learn about a “real-life criminal.” She continued ignoring the calls for her to leave, “A real-life criminal named James Comey, it’s a real crime story. It’s not a novel. It’s not fiction. It’s a real crime story.” As she was speaking, Comey stood up and left the stage. “Just before he had exited, she called, “You’re going to get locked up, Comey – you are a criminal! When Donald Trump wins in 2024, you are going to jail, Comey.”

As Loomer peacefully left the building, she was confronted by a police officer who asked if she had her ID. Loomer’s camera person asked, “Did she commit a crime?” The officer responded that she had not committed a crime but that the officer needed her to “hang out here.” The officer said, “I want to see if they want you trespassed.”

Laura’s assistant asked if Loomer was being detained and for what crime.

The officer appeared agitated, saying she needed to go inside and find out. She said she was investigating whether or not a crime had been committed.

When asked what crime the officer was investigating, the women were told the police were called because someone reported a disturbance. The befuddled officer seemed confused about whether or not she had the right to detain Loomer. Finally saying, Loomer may have trespassed and could be held responsible for disorderly conduct.

“Freedom of speech and asking questions is disorderly conduct?” Loomer’s assistant questioned. They demanded to talk to the officer’s supervisor and took her badge number. She told the officer it was not lawful to detain a person who had committed no crime. Loomer was questioned by a second officer and then told she should not return to the Naperville book signing but was free to go.

On May 15, John Durham’s 300-page report concluded that the FBI had no right to investigate Donald Trump, saying the crossfire hurricane investigation was unlawful. Durham wrote,

“Based on the review of Crossfire Hurricane and related intelligence activities, we conclude that the (Justice) Department and FBI failed to uphold their important mission of strict fidelity to the law in connection with certain events and activities described in this report.”

Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, is also calling for accountability of the DOJ and FBI “given the overwhelming evidence of anti-Trump bias disclosed in the Durham Report.”

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