On Tuesday night, the Israeli government approved a significant peace deal with Hamas after a conflict that has already resulted in thousands of deaths and untold destruction in both Israel and the Gaza Strip.

In the deal brokered by Israel’s government and Hamas, Hamas has agreed to release 80 hostages, while Israel has agreed to release women and minor prisoners who did not commit acts of violence against Israelis.  Israel also agreed to a four-day ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and will tack on an additional day for every 10 prisoners that Hamas releases.

While some people said that the deal was progress towards a more significant peace agreement between Israel and the Gaza Strip, others derided the deal, calling it lopsided.

The Times of Israel Reports

According to the developing deal, Hamas will release at least 50 Israeli hostages, mainly women and children, in exchange for a ceasefire of four days, the release of between 150 and 300 Palestinian prisoners, and the entry of fuel and other goods into Gaza.


Some 12-13 hostages will be released per day as the ceasefire takes effect, the source says, adding that Israel will release women and minor prisoners, with each returning to the city or town where he lived prior to imprisonment, including the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


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