Fired former FBI Director Jim Comey must think Americans are brainless because he made a false statement about the government shutdown on social media.

That’s never a good idea because pro-Trump Deplorables on social media don’t waste time calling out arrogant SOB’s like Comey for their fake news and their lies.

If Comey will lie about such a small thing, what else will he lie about? Hmmm…


FBI families will spend Christmas without a paycheck.

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This president promised Mexico would pay for the wall but innocent people are now paying the price for another lie.

Our thoughts are with hardworking public servants and their families.

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Wouldn’t you know that Comey was promptly blasted by conservatives on Twitter who know the truth about the government shutdown. They are aware that the federal employees have been paid and of course are off for the next few days so they wasted no time in reminding Comey:

That is a lie! All non-essential workers will have a full paycheck on the 28th!

Hopefully, the Democrats will show back up to work and compromise!

Give us a barrier! We want it!


-Nothing you say is true, can’t believe you were ever in a position of integrity and honor.

-Dude. They always get paid. Stop it . . .

-More lies, can’t be trusted…

-You lie. They just got paid and they will get paid.

Conservative Treehouse also posted the federal pay schedule proving Comey is lying:

This reminds us of the Seinfeld quote: “Jerry, just remember…it’s not a lie if you believe it.”



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