The jobs report just came out and Democrats will hate it!

The numbers exceeded expectations of economists and are through the roof!

You have to love how the Trump economy is still roaring in spite of the propaganda from left about a recession. The gloom and doom is all political shade the Democrats have been trying to throw at President Trump.

Are you ready for this?

U.S. jobs increased by 312,000…far better than the predicted 176,000 jobs expected. That’s nearly double the amount expected!

Wages also grew 3.2% year-over-year vs. an estimated 3%.

We’re waiting for the left to spin this in some way or say that somehow Obama is responsible for the growth.

This is what happens when you have a pro-growth president who is listening to some of the best economic advisors on the planet.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the report this morning

President Trump tweeted:


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