“This is a very strong report.” – Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business

The jobs report just came out and it’s looking great for Americans. This is what happens with a pro-growth president like President Trump.

There was a bounce-back for jobs in March:

After the February report of just a gain of 20,000, the March number of 196,000 is excellent. The key is that there was no inflation in terms of wages.

The March numbers surpassed the Dow Jones estimate of 175,000 and the February numbers were adjusted up to 33,000. This is below the monthly gain in 2018 of 233,000 but is a solid number.

President Trump spoke out on the great news:

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Unemployment Rate stayed steady at 3.8%.

CNBC reports:

Economic conditions now look more favorable than they did at the start of the year.

First-quarter GDP is projected to rise 2.1%, according to the Atlanta Fed, which had been tracking gains of just 0.2% only a few weeks ago. Fourth-quarter GDP increased by 2.2%, bringing the 2018 calendar year increase to 2.9%.

The interest rates will remain the same. The Federal Reserve is on the sidelines for now.

The key thing for the future is what companies will say for 2019 with first quarter earnings coming up.

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