Joe diGenova let the cat out of the bag tonight when he said Admiral Mike Rogers has been working with  FISA all along to nail the liars illegally spying on President Trump and other American citizens. Remember when Admiral Mike Rogers discovered what was going on with the spying and immediately went to visit President Trump in the White House to tell him:

The Washington Post reported on 19 November 2016, Rogers reportedly met with then President-elect Donald Trump without notifying his supervisors in what is an unprecedented action for a military officer. 

Rogers has been in on helping President Trump all along:

“Admiral Mike Rogers, he discovered the illegal spying, he briefed the chief FISA court judge, worked with her for months. The Justice Department has been notified of the names of those who lied and Bill Barr is well aware” – Joe diGenova

Please begin at the 11-minute mark where diGenova explains what’s going to happen next:

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A report will be coming out in two weeks on Comey:

DiGenova recently wrote about what’s going to happen next with the investigation of the investigators:

As DiGenova (along with Victoria Toensing) wrote recently:

The time for an accounting has arrived for former senior members of the FBI and Intelligence Community. They aided and abetted in propagating a false narrative about the Trump campaign colluding with Russians, accused the President of the United States of being a “traitor,” and misled the American people. They made Donald J. Trump the Alfred Dreyfus of the 21st century: a completely innocent man, framed by his own government because of who he was (Dreyfus, a Jew, was the victim of French anti-Semitism) and not what he did.

Dreyfus was framed of spying for the Germans based on a forged document. Trump was framed by a fraudulent dossier.

Worse, the framing was done as a distraction to cover up for those who weaponized our law enforcement and intelligence tools against a political opponent. President Trump deserves an apology from them all.

Punishment for the former FBI and intel officials should include removal from boards, sinecures, speaking gigs, and TV. They denied this country a president-in-full for two years, not just as a political vendetta but also to conceal what some of them had done. Their offense was compounded by the fact that they used the uniqueness of their law enforcement and intelligence community former high-level positions to make it appear they knew more than they did. They besmirched themselves as well as their agencies’ decent, dedicated personnel.

These people led the charge to misinform the American people and sew discord in our country. It is not President Trump who has acted treacherously, it is they.

diGenova was just on WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” and discussed what’s to come:


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