“Border security is national security.  We simply cannot have an immigration system that allows people from all over the world to enter this country without detection. We must know the identity of every person setting foot on U.S. soil, however they enter.” – US ATTORNEY JOHN BASH

At least half a dozen illegals from Yemen were smuggled into the US via Eagle Pass in the state of Texas.

They weren’t smuggled into the country by a Mexican coyote but by a Jordanian man who just happened to be living in Mexico.

Moayad Heider Mohammad Aldairi, 32, just plead guilty to bringing in the six Yemeni illegals, “Basaa, Rsad, Mah, Has, Hahah, an Aaam”, claiming it was for “financial gain”. The bigger question is if it was just for financial gain or something else because “border security is national security.”


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While the Justice Department prosecutor in the case claimed there is a “grave security risk” in bringing the unvetted Yemenis across the border, the defense attorney for the smuggler called it “political posturing” by the Trump administration:

“It’s just one more step toward being anti-Muslim. It’s Trump persecuting Middle Easterners, primarily Muslims.” – Rusty Guyer, lawyer for the Jordanian smuggler

My San Antonio reports that between Oct. 31, 2017, and Dec. 12, 2017, six citizens of Yemen crossed illegally into the United States from Mexico through Eagle Pass. Captured at the border, all six identified Aldairi as their smuggler, telling Homeland Security investigators that they paid him varying amounts of money and that he gave them hard hats and construction vests to help them blend in better in the United States.

One of the immigrants took a cellphone video in which Aldairi can be seen explaining his smuggling methods to several members of the group, court records said.

Aldairi, the feds said, has no legal status to be in the United States himself. He is a citizen of Jordan, but has residency in Monterrey, Mexico, where he has lived for several years.

“In his fifteenth effort to secure a visa to enter the United States, the defendant told employees at the United States Embassy in Jordan that he had a wife who was a United States citizen and he wished to travel to her,” Hepburn wrote in government motion to keep Aldairi detained.

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Homeland Security officials filed a criminal complaint against Aldairi on May 29, 2018, and obtained a warrant for his arrest, then kept the documents sealed for months as they investigated him. He was allowed to journey from Jordan to the United States and was apprehended when he flew in from London to LaGuardia airport in New York in July 2018. He has been jailed ever since, court records show.


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