Since a third accuser has come forward, Judge Kavanaugh has had to refute the claims of attending parties where his accuser says girls were drugged and then gang-raped. Kavanaugh came out with a short statement:

Statement from Judge Kavanaugh on Julie Swetnick allegations: “This is ridiculous and from the Twilight Zone. I don’t know who this is and this never happened.”

Sixty of Brett Kavanaugh’s classmates from high school have come out in support of him and refute the claims from Swetnick (see below).

Julie Swetnick claims that Brett Kavanaugh attended parties where young men drugged the young girls then gang-raped them. The problem with this claim is that she had graduated from high school three years prior to the time she says she attended the parties. The legal drinking age was 18 back then so why would a young women in college go to these high school parties several times where she knew drugs and gang rape was happening? Very strange.

Joe Concha tweeted: This is interesting: Julie Swetnick graduated Gaithersburg HS in ’80. Brett Kavanaugh graduated Georgetown Prep in ’83. Simple question: Why would a young woman repeatedly attend high school parties while aware gang rapes were occurring when she’s 3 yrs removed from high school?

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Another problem with Ms.Swetnick’s account is that her lawyer dodged a key question asked today on The View: Did Brett Kavanaugh ever touch you?

The media and the left are trying to conflate the premise that if Kavanaugh was there that he must have raped someone. Two points: There is no proof that he was at the parties and she NEVER said he raped her or even touched her if he was there.

Why have no other people come forward and why hasn’t anyone come forward from those years when this supposedly happened? Wouldn’t this be all over high school and wouldn’t someone say something?

Why did she keep going back to numerous parties where gang rape was taking place and why didn’t she do anything about it?

60 of Brett Kavanaugh’s classmates from high school came out in support of him:


This entire story smells to high heaven. The desperate attempt to destroy Brett Kavanaugh has turned into a circus that needs to leave town now. It’s time for Republicans to get a backbone and shut the Democrats down.

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