The list of Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities In America is out. We’ve taken a look at the top 10 most dangerous cities in America, and it appears that every single one of them has something in common.

Is this just about gun control?

The strictness of gun laws seems to play a limited role in violent crime rates, as the states with well over their share of cities in the top 100 (Table 1), like Florida, Michigan, Georgia, and Alabama, all have rather lax gun laws. However, there are outliers, as Illinois, the location of #1 East St. Louis (as well as Chicago, which has a very violent crime rate for its population, yet not high enough to place in the top 100) , and New Jersey, home of five cities in the top 100, have very strict gun laws.

Although mass shootings are becoming increasingly common in American life, the violent crime and prevalence of gun murders plaguing America’s most dangerous cities aren’t best explained by lax gun laws, rates of gun ownership, or one-off rampages (although, these do have an effect), but rather, by income inequality.

Where there is a high poverty rate, and little opportunity to earn a decent wage, we find high homicide rates and a prevalence of other types of violent crime.

The American communities suffering the hardest at the hands of violent crime are also some of the most impoverished in the country, with some of the highest unemployment rates, to boot.

Why are these cities the most dangerous in America?

Let’s look at #1 (Table 1, above), East St. Louis, IL, a city of 27,000, just across the Mississippi River from the much larger–yet also crime-plagued–St. Louis, Missouri. At its peak in 1950, the city boasted a population of 82,366, yet due to the effects of late 20th century deindustrialization: the closing of many factories that provided the community with a majority of its jobs, and the ensuing rerouting of railroads once going through the city, a majority of East St. Louis residents fled searching for greater opportunity elsewhere, leaving the remaining denizens of the city struggling to survive while crime rates ballooned.

East St. Louis now charts a whopping 4,888 violent crimes per 100,000 people. The phenomenon of deindustrialization also explains the dramatic increase in violent crime rates for many other cities on the list, including #5 Flint, MI, #6 Detroit, MI and #25 Atlantic City, NJ.

Here’s the list of the top 10 most dangerous cities in America with the name and political party affiliation of each mayor from those cities. Many of these mayors have criminal backgrounds, some have criminal backgrounds that would stun the average American.

1). East St. Louis, IL Mayor Emeka Jackson is a DEMOCRAT

2.) Darby Borough, PA Mayor Darby Borough is a DEMOCRAT

3.) Opa Locka, FL Mayor Otis D. Wallace is a DEMOCRAT

4.) Florida City, FL Mayor Dean Trantalis is a DEMOCRAT

5.) Flint, Mi Mayor Karen Weaver  is a DEMOCRAT

6). Detroit, MI Mayor Mike Duggan is a DEMOCRAT

7.) Saginaw City, Mi Mayor Dennis Browning is a DEMOCRAT

8.)  College Park, GA Jack P. Longino Mayor is a DEMOCRAT

9.) Prichard, AL Mayor Jimmie Gardner is a DEMOCRAT

10.) West Memphis, AR Mayor William H. Johnson is a DEMOCRAT

Does anyone see a pattern with the “Most dangerous cities in America” and the political party affiliated with the mayors who run these cities? If you guessed they are all Democrats, you would be correct.

President Trump has been laser-focused on bringing factory jobs back to America. All three of the cities in Michigan that were listed on the top 10 most dangerous list, were devastated when the automotive companies and auto parts manufacturers moved their manufacturing operations overseas or to Mexico.  Perhaps these cities, who’ve been devastated by the loss of jobs in their area will have a chance again, in spite of the poor leadership from their Democrat mayors, to be great again, or at least, to be safe again.

Go HERE for the entire list of “Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities In America”






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