The U.S./Mexico border is a dangerous place with desperate people smuggling in drugs and illegal aliens. Now we have people like the man below who had a dangerous ‘gas bomb’ on him when Border Patrol found him in the brush:

A 53-year-old Mexican man was arrested after Border Patrol found him hiding in the brush with a Molotov Cocktail, or a gas bomb near Roma, TX.

Police say Joel Salinas Garcia was found with a glass container with gasoline inside and a cloth at the top of the bottle which can be deadly.

Garcia has a large “MEXICO” tattoo on his stomach:

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The 53-year-old Mexican national, was arrested on charges of possession of a prohibited weapon and taken to the Starr County Jail.

Records show he has been arrested for illegal entry in the country before.

The case remains open.

Repeat offenders just keep coming back over our border. This is just one more reason why we desperately need as wall at our southern border. It’s just too easy to cross into the U.S.

Who knows what else is getting across without our knowledge.

Drugs, weapons and illegals from all over the world are making it through.

We just reported on a group trying to cross that are citizens of India. One of the children in the group died in the dessert.

There are also hundreds of Congolese and Bangladeshi citizens comming across our border!

Wake Up America!


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