Michigan drivers were stunned, as they passed a billboard on the side of the road with a shocking anti-life message. They were even more stunned when they realized it the message was placed there by a Michigan taxpayer-funded county health department.

The stunning billboard (found below) features a woman who is clearly far along in her pregnancy, with her hands over her face, as she appears to be crying. Next to the woman is a smiling high school or college graduate, with the words “You Can Choose” above the two diametrically opposing images.  The billboard attempts to point out that the pregnant woman’s life is over, suggesting that she still has a chance to kill the baby and live her life to the fullest by graduating from school, as indicated by the smiling young lady. Finally, the words, “Take Control of Your Future” appear between the women, with a phone number to contact the local county health department. At the bottom of the billboard, the sponsor is listed as, “Sanilac County Health Department”

The Sanilac County Health Department Facebook page is being slammed with responses to their disgusting billboard. The negative reactions are not just coming from pro-life conservatives, many of the responses are from feminists who are offended that the county health department is suggesting it’s not possible to have children and a career.

Here are just a few:

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My mother raised 3 kids and has two masters degree, a degree in math and another in interior design and has been a full-time teacher for over 20 years. I’d say she managed to do both, despite the fact that I have a disability and she has spent a lot of time in the hospital with me over the years. Your billboard is insulting to people like her.

What an ignorant, anti-feminist billboard you’ve got there.

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The message that motherhood impedes a woman from academic success is archaic. Were you inspired by a “How to Woman” manual from 1940? ????

Newsflash: women are strong enough, brave enough, and brilliant enough to be good mothers and good students at the same time. Sure, sometimes a surprise pregnancy means re-arranging academic goals or timelines a little, but that’s a challenge women crush regularly. It just takes a little creativity and community support.

We don’t have to sacrifice a diploma for a baby, and we don’t have to sacrifice a baby for a diploma either. Women in 2019 are resilient enough to become mothers & graduates at the same time.

Your billboard is disgusting. My mom had me her senior year of high school and has gone on to have a very successful career in nursing and cardiac sonography. It is sick that you would imply it’s either or. Ridiculous. Is my life worth less than a degree?

The billboard you have up is completely disgusting! A woman is completely capable of keeping a pregnancy AND becoming a career woman if she chooses. You are trying to convince women that they aren’t good enough. Pure EVIL! Whoever submitted and approved this should be completely ashamed!

Your Comms staff should be fired for allowing that blatantly misogynistic billboard about pregnancy and education to be posted in public. Absolutely disgusting.

Women are capable of accomplishing their goals without killing their children. To suggest they must choose between their children and their education is sexist and promotes an unhealthy mindset for young women in crisis situations.

The horrible billboard is absolutely unacceptable. I went to college while having 2 children and pregnant with my third. I am currently pregnant with my fifth and planning to go back to college. Children did not hinder me. If anything my amazing children inspire/encourages me to do my best. We try to see who can get better grades on their report cards. I am teaching my children the importance of education.

Your billboard is so incredibly misogynistic. Why would any woman ever trust you to help them make the best decision for their health when you think women are incapable of graduating while a mother?

Implying pregnancy prevents success, is incredibly insulting. Your billboard advertisement is a disservice for the entire community. Shame on whoever approved such a distasteful message.

Your billboard comes off as very exploitative, coercive, and oppressive. Making us feel like pregnancy and motherhood is something to be ashamed of and that we cannot get degrees if we have children is very misogynistic and unethical. Your billboard even phrases it in such a way where you are saying we have to choose one or the other. MANY women have completed their University educations and found careers while being pregnant or while parenting, even walking down the aisle to get their diplomas while holding their child.

How insulting! Women are most certainly capable of both education and motherhood!
That billboard… do you realize how many women have gone to college while being moms? A lot. Telling women they can’t go to college if they have kids is sexist and offensive. You’re telling women what they can and can’t achieve. Not very feminist…
I think the “take control of your future” billboard advertisement that you are running is insulting and disgusting. I was pregnant when I graduated from college. Implying that women must choose between an education and a family is degrading to the MANY Michigan women, including myself, who have both. SHAME on Sanilac County for portraying motherhood as a burden. It is a joy and a privilege to raise children.
Your new billboard is disgusting! You should be ashamed and women should be outraged! Women are strong and can graduate and be successful even with a baby! How dare you make being pregnant a shameful thing
Only one hour ago, the Sanilac County Health Department put out a public apology, stating that their “original intent was not correctly portrayed” by the billboard’s “content.”???

Sanilac County Health Department The Sanilac County Health Department would like to acknowledge the outpouring of concern in response to a billboard that has been recently displayed in our county. First and foremost, we appreciate the many members of our community that contacted us with their apprehension for the messaging that is perceived on the billboard. We now realize, and apologize, that our original intent for the billboard was not correctly portrayed by its content.

We believe in strengthening the health and wellness of all our community members; women, children, and men, and this billboard did not accurately portray that.

Please accept our apologies and know that the billboard is being taken down as quickly as possible.

Here is a screenshot of the Sanilac County Health Department’s  half-baked apology that appears on their website.

Unfortunately, the images, along with the message on the billboard doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Whoever made the decision to fund, and place this billboard by the side of the road, needs to be fired. Dr. Mustafa Mark Ahmed recently took over as the medical director for the Sanilac County Health Department. Feel free to call 810-648-4098 to let him know how you feel about this billboard.

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