Michael Avenatti just jumped into a situation that Tucker Carlson was involved in weeks ago:

He’s getting involved in something that happened last month that has been taken care of. The incident involves a man who approached  Tucker Carlson’s daughter during dinner at the local country club (video and statement from Carlson below). Avenatti tweeted out a video from the situation and asked for help in investigating Carlson:

Screenshot from Daily Mail

Last month, a man approached Tucker Carlson’s teen daughter as she was walking from the Lady’s Room at the local country club. He asked if she was with Carlson and she told him that’s her dad. The man proceeded to call her unbelievable names. It all went downhill from there because Carlson and his son approached the man in the bar only to have Carlson’s son toss a glass of red wine in the man’s face. The man reciprocated by throwing red wine back. To make a long story short, the man was kicked out of the Country Club for good after the club investigated the incident.

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Tucker Carlson just released a statement in response to claims by none other than Michael Avenatti:

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Here’s the video of the incident:

Can you imagine?


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