Reports are confirming that President Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen will plead guilty to prosecutors and will also agree to jail time. Fox News sources say the “straight up guilty plea” includes 3-5 years in jail and “is not going to be some sort of cooperation deal.”

It’s being reported that a plea deal was reached with federal prosecutors  that DOES NOT  include cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe:

Last weekend, reports surfaced that Cohen is being investigated for a $20 million bank fraud. He will plead guilty to tax fraud and bank fraud charges.

ABC  reported Cohen had reached an agreement with prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. Cohen surrendered to the FBI in advance of a scheduled 4 pm court appearance, according to CNN.

It’s being reported that campaign finance violations in negotiating the $130,000 to Stormy Daniels are also part of the guilty plea.

Investigators are looking into whether Cohen inflated the estimate of his assets. He used 20 taxi medallions reportedly worth $1 million each as collateral for loans.

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All of this has NOTHING to do with President Trump. The business dealings of Mr. Cohen are within his family.



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