Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell has been announced as Michael Flynn’s new attorney after he let his legal team go last week.

Powell is a no-nonsense lawyer who has been no fan of Robert Mueller during the Spygate controversy. She’s had prior experience with Mueller and knows how he operates.

This is a fantastic move by Flynn because Powell is a fighter. Flynn needs a fighter right now.

In a prior op-ed from Powell, she claimed “Mueller has shown abject contempt for the wrong court. Judge Sullivan is a real judge who believes in the rule of law and has the integrity to enforce it equally. The evidence strongly suggests Mueller violated Brady, destroyed or suppressed evidence, and obstructed justice. He has disgraced himself and the Department of Justice. Mueller’s time is up.”

The interview from January between Mark Levin and Sidney Powell is a great example of how tough and straightforward Ms. Powell is and how knowledgable she is about Mueller’s past:

Robert Mueller’s the ‘poster boy for prosecutorial misconduct’ – Sidney Powell

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Ms. Powell is one tough cookie. This is great news!

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