When President Trump’s Florida home, Mar-A-Lago, was raided, there were questions about why the FBI used a surprise raid rather than the DOJ requesting documents. On Thursday, the Washington Post wrote that the FBI searched Trump’s home for nuclear documents.

According to Radar Online an insider has provided new information about the document search and what happened behind the scenes. Sharing, it is believed that an informant who was a short-term employee helped the presidential family transition from the White House to Mar-A-Lago and was compromised by the FBI. The source explained,

“The Trump camp believes the Justice Department, through the FBI, targeted the source and threatened they could be prosecuted if they did not cooperate.

“The source likely cooperated in exchange for some form of immunity.” adding , “They put the screws on a number of people until one, the mole, flipped.”

It is believed that the Trump employee who worked with the FBI, no longer works at Mar-A-Lago. But that it was an individual who knew Trump’s private residence and office setting and was able to provide the DOJ with enough information about the documents in question that the FBI was able to obtain a search warrant.

Trump has responded by rejecting the reports that agents were searching for nuclear documents.  He also posted on Truth Social “encouraging the immediate release” of documents related to the FBI’s raid.

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