Ballots are magically popping up all over the country…Florida, Arizona and now Georgia have found ballots numbering in the thousands! Apparently, the rules apply to everyone EXCEPT Democrats. The never-ending voting process has opened the door for even more chances for voter fraud.

A winner was announced on election eve in Georgia’s gubernatorial race but now we have magical votes changing all of that.

Republican Brian Kemp was declared the winner but Democrats claim they found thousands of absentee ballots:

We’re guessing they’ll keep finding votes until the Democrat wins.

The Kemp campaign claimed it’s mathematically impossible for Abrams to make up the difference but look what’s happening in Florida! They keep pulling ballots out of a hat!

This could get ugly because Abrams refused to concede to Kemp after it was announced he won. Her campaign chairperson just claimed he lied…Nice.

The Democrats keep screaming to count every vote which is great but we need to follow the law and that means reporting vote totals when they tell you to. Also, it’s evident that Democrats are letting non-citizens vote in Florida. Were there non-citizens voting in Georgia too?

Fix the voting system now! This is 2018! This should NOT be happening!


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