Let’s face it, Democrats are waaaay too use to getting a trophy every time they play. The ARE NOT graceful and humble when they lose. They are mean spirited and now calling for extreme measures to get their way. It’s pretty much off the charts unhinged behavior we’re seeing. Check this “analyst” out….she’s calling for a “throw down”. What in the world does she mean by that?

The best part of her little rant is when she says the Democrats have been playing by the rules. LOL! Former Rep. Donna Edwards says Trump has been playing by “street rules”. She is projecting because the only people we see playing by “street rules” are the Democrats harassing people all over the place.

Their thuggish behavior is getting them into more trouble and is not winning over voters.

In case you missed the rant from Chris Matthews tonight:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews just went a little cray cray on TV during discussions on who President Trump will choose for the Supreme Court…He’s definitely not getting a tingle up his leg TONIGHT…

“HELL TO PAY!”…Matthews can thank Harry Reid (see below) for the situation the Dems are in right now. He says that there’ll be “hell to pay” if the Republicans get another Supreme Court pick. What can they do? The answer is NOTHING! It might be why Matthews is going off the rails tonight.

The left went crazy today when Supreme Court Justice Kennedy announced his retirement. In fact, the DNC was on a conference call when the announcement was made…The reaction from the members was absolute horror.

They should all thank Harry Reid: When you hear leftists freak out about their inability to block Trump’s next SCOTUS nominee – and you most certainly will – remind them to thank Harry Reid.

For the leftists lunatics screaming that President Trump can’t put a SCOTUS appointment through in a mid-term election year. I submit the following:

“Justice Elena Kagan was nominated to the Supreme Court by Obama and confirmed just 3 months before the 2010 Midterm Elections”

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