Over the weekend, social media exploded with anger over Nike’s decision to make the anti-American, failed former NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick the face of their product.

Many, on social media, were calling for a boycott of Nike, the company known for using young children in third world countries to produce their brand.

Some, on social media, were even calling for Nike owners to “burn” their Nike shoes and apparel. Boycott the NFL Facebook page has started a “Just Burn It” page, calling on Facebook users to join in on a Nike product burning event. Here’s the description of their page:

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Nike, once a great American company, announced that they’re using the anthem-kneeling, former second-rate quarterback Colin Kaepernick for their 30th anniversary of their iconic “Just Do It” ad campaign.

We stand with the men and women who actually put their life on the line every day for their families, our families, and our nation. These American heroes are the ones that sacrifice without getting the credit they deserve. Kaepernick sacrificed nothing to be the face of a destructive and divisive movement.

Let’s show Nike what we think about their ridiculously poor decision. Not only will we not purchase their apparel anymore, we’ll take what we have in our closets and send them a message they won’t soon forget.

Feel free to upload a video of you or a friend disposing of your Nike gear however you see fit… whether it be a trash can, BBQ pit, a burn barrel, or whatever. Just be safe when you do it.

The point is to let the suits at Nike know that we’re ready and willing to stand our ground and that they just erased half of their customer base.

The “Just Burn It.” campaign video can be viewed below:

For anyone who thought burning NIKE gear would put an end to NIKE’s decision to make the failed NFL quarterback, turned unemployed anti-American activist the face of their massive sports apparel corportation, it appears as though other major sports apparel corporations were simultaneously working on a deal to secure a sponsorship by Kaepernick.

Breitbart reports – For those looking to boycott Nike for signing original anthem protester Colin Kaepernick to a major ad campaign, you might also want to add Adidas and Puma to the list.

According to Yahoo! reporter Charles Robinson, both Adidas and Puma were also talking about engaging the controversial former quarterback in a lucrative ad campaign.

In his Yahoo Sports article about the reported negotiations by Addidas, Puma and Nike Robinson to get a deal with Kaepernick, Robinson wrote: 

Last spring, when NFL team owners were privately battling the collusion case brought against the league by former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, a curious debate began in some corners of the multibillion-dollar sports apparel industry.

It orbited around two questions: Was Kaepernick a sleeping giant as a marketing centerpiece; and if he was, why wasn’t Nike doing anything with him?

In the wake of Kaepernick’s new endorsement deal with Nike, which stands to pay him millions per year plus royalties, at least part of that debate has been resolved. The shoe and clothing giant definitely has big plans for Kaepernick, which one insider told Yahoo Sports includes a line built around him encompassing shoes, shirts, jerseys and other apparel.

Whether that gamble pays off remains to be seen. But Nike apparently wasn’t the only shoe company that eyed a larger platform for Kaepernick. Industry insiders told Yahoo Sports that Adidas and Puma were among multiple brands that had conversations about potentially building around Kaepernick if Nike failed to renew his deal following a long stretch of endorsement inactivity.

“We talked about Colin in March. A lot, actually,” one shoe industry executive said. “We all know the specific kind of deals NFL players are on with each other. His deal was running out and he had a shoe commitment that hadn’t been done for whatever reason. I’m sure it was because of everything that was going on around him. But it looked like Nike was running out the clock on [his deal] because he didn’t have a lot of time left and nothing was really happening with him. So there were some discussions for us about what kind of an endorser he could be.

“It’s apparent that, you know, even though he isn’t playing, he’s still connecting with a lot of people. I also think he’s exponentially more popular, and in some cases unpopular, than he ever was in the NFL.”

According to reporter Darren Rovell of ESPN, Nike appears to be attempting to backtrack on their full embrace of the anti-American, failed QB, Colin Kaepernick, by saying they have no plans to give Kaepernick his own signature shoe, or extensive clothing line. Charles Robinson, senior NFL reporter for Yahoo News, claims this isn’t exactly accurate, that Kaepernick has indeed, signed a contract with Nike for a signature shoe.


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