The Native American Activist who approached a group of Catholic School students and loudly banged his drum has been outed as a man with a violent criminal record. He also escaped from jail as a teenager.

Phillips has a radical past and has been known to go overboard in his protesting. The night before the incident with the Catholic students, he caused a scene at a Catholic church in D.C.

The Catholic News Agency reported that the night before the incident with the students, Phillips and his group of leftist agitators were stopped by security from entering the Washington D.C Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to disrupt the evening mass. A security guard later said it was a “tense” standoff with the group.

Phillips has a criminal past and has also misrepresented his military service.

When he was a teenager, Phillips was arrested and jailed numerous times. He was charged with assault and escaped from jail in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. He was also arrested on several alcohol-related charges.

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He was in trouble numerous times in the ’70s for negligent driving, destruction of property, assault, driving without a license.

Phillips has also misrepresented his military service many times with different stories of what his role was in Vietnam. He never saw combat in Vietnam and was never deployed.  He was a refrigerator technician for the Marines.

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In the video below, he claims to have served in Vietnam:

He was AWOL several times too:

A former Navy Seal Don Shipley went over the military information about Phillips that he acquired via an FOIA request:

Washington Examiner reports:

The Lakota People’s Law Project, some of whose members were on the Indigenous Peoples’ March with Phillips and later encountered the Covington students who had taken part in the March for Life, had described Phillips as a Vietnam veteran.

That was incorrect, but Phillips himself appeared not to have claimed he was in Vietnam, repeatedly describing himself in interviews as a “Vietnam times veteran.” In 2000, however, he described himself to the Washington Post as having been “a Marine Corps infantryman,” without mentioning that for the vast majority of his service he had been a refrigerator technician.

Phillips continues to criticize the Covington students by claiming they weren’t acting right. He also says that he won’t meet with the students because they “stole his narrative”.

Those who have seen the full video know the kids were acting right and it was Phillips who wasn’t behaving like a responsible adult by taunting the students.


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