Highland Park shooter Robert ‘Bobby’ Crimo, 21, was dressed in women’s clothing to disguise himself, hiding his tattoos and changing his appearance.

Arrest of Highland Park Shooter Robert Crimo @WGNNews

After firing 70 rounds from his legally purchased assault rifle, he ditched his weapon, fled into the crowd, and went to his mom’s house. He  managed to evade police for hours by taking his mom’s vehicle and was arrested five miles from the scene.

Crimo is obsessed with the number 47. It is painted on his vehicle and tattooed on his face. “47” was posted across his fan club twitter page.

Highland Park Shooter 47

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As of now, FBI Agents have not determined an apparent motive for his crime. He is accused of injuring 30 parade-goers and killing six. Charges are expected to be filed later today, and it is believed the shooting was pre-planned.

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His parents have not commented on his actions, but his uncle Paul says he behaved normally at home on Sunday night and was on his computer.

He encouraged fans through his “Awake The Rapper” page to “Stay Woke”

It is being suggested that Twitter has removed his account.

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