Attorney Dana Hyde reportedly died on a flight from Keene, New Hampshire, to Leesburg, Virginia, when pilots landed in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. The emergency landing followed a strange incident on the flight. Initially, it was announced that Hyde, a DC attorney with ties to the Clintons and Obamas, died due to turbulence on the flight and that she had suffered blunt injuries to her head, neck, body, and extremities.

The prominent DC lawyer who worked as counsel on the 9/11 Commission was 55, from Cabin John, Maryland, and was traveling on a corporate jet with her husband, son, and two pilots. The plane is owned by a rural broadband consulting firm named Conexon.

Updated reports and now saying Hyde did not pass away from severe turbulence as originally reported.

According to a preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), there was not a notably heavier amount of turbulence during the private flight that led to Hyde’s death.

Apparently, the plane was experiencing issues. The NTSB report said pilots aborted their first attempt to takeoff, saying their flight display was showing conflicting data. The aircraft attempted a second takeoff attempt and received a caution message but carried on because it was not a warning, according to the NTSB.

Apparently, the pilots began receiving alerts and went through a checklist, ultimately flipping a switch to turn off the flight stabilizer on the jet’s tail. As a result, the plane jetted upward, subjecting the passengers to a violent force.
The jet’s nose then moved downward then reared up again before the pilots were able to regain control of the plane. The pilots relayed to investigators that they were not experiencing turbulence during the incident. None of the other passengers sustained any injuries. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), a regulation was issued in 2022 that required pilots to conduct extra safety checks on the Bombardier Challenger 300 twin-engine jet. The Administration added the protocol after multiple similar incidents where the horizontal stabilizer triggered issues, causing the nose of the plane to turn down as pilots tried to increase altitude.
Following the incident, Hyde was whisked by ambulance to a hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, where she was pronounced dead.

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