President Trump’s new ICE director is getting right to work to remove illegals from the U.S…

Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced today they would take more aggressive steps to deport illegal alien families and illegal alien criminals in order to discourage more people from making the trek to our border.

The new director of ICE, Mark Morgan, took over last week and said deporting these illegals is necessary but didn’t set a timeline for enacting his new policy. He will be deploying agents to arrest and deport thousands of illegals across America.  Morgan feels this move will be a deterrent to Central American migrants trying to cross the border into the U.S.

When illegals come across the border, they are processed for asylum. Since we’ve had such a huge number of people coming in, the illegals are being released with a “promise” to come back for their scheduled court hearing. Of course, statistics show that many illegals never show up for their court date for asylum but disappear into America:

USA Today reports that more than 200,000 migrant families have been released into the country since Dec. 1. A massive backlog of immigration cases means they will be in the country for years before their cases are decided.

Morgan said generally people who have been ordered removed by a judge stop showing up for court dates, meaning ICE officers must search for them in order to deport them.

The focus of the new policy will be on illegals who missed a court hearing or had received deportation orders.

“We will be going after individuals who have gone through due process, who have received final orders of deportation. That will include families. Right now we’re talking about that and what it should look like.”

Morgan just spoke with Tucker Carlson on immigration:

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Here’s Morgan right before President Trump announced the State of Emergency at the border:

Let’s watch ICE Director Morgan and pray that he does a great job!

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