15 people on the FBI’s terror screening database were captured sneaking across our southern border in May

During the month of May, 15 people on the FBI’s terror watch list were captured sneaking into our country from across the US-Mexico border. This marks a new record for any single month in history, as well as more suspected terrorists captured than in all of 2021 or from 2017 to 2020 combined. Nearly 240,000 border crossers were detained in May, making it one of the worst months on record regarding the volume of illegal crosses–and that’s only the ones detained.

A Border Crossing Tunnel from Mexico’s Tijuana to San Diego

However, the detainees were often released, rather than deported.

From the Washington Times:

CBP had nearly 12,000 people in custody on any given day but ousted less than half of the illegal immigrants it encountered. The rest were either released outright at the border or transferred to other agencies, most of which would release them.

This showcases the problem at our southern border better than anything else. Biden and his leftist Department of Homeland Security are risking terrorists entering our nation and there is no guarantee that the 15 captured were the only ones who tried to cross. This endangers our national security and the lives of everyday citizens.

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Beyond that, releasing more than half of 240,000 illegal immigrants into the country, flooding towns and cities around the border, has its own set of problems.

Illegal immigrants, once released on our side of the border, are difficult to keep track of. The chances of deporting them get very slim, and without a thorough enough background check there is no telling what type of people are now roaming the nation.

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This is all part of Biden’s America-Last policy platform.

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