The New York Times was repeatedly called out on social media for their fake news that drapes were purchased by the Trump administration for Nicki Haley at a cost of $52K. The problem is that they were purchased by the Obama administration. This is a case of a purposeful effort to deceive and not one of just negligence.

They finally walked back the fake news:

The problem with this is that most people won’t see the retraction and will go on believing the lie told by the Times posted 17 hours ago on twitter and still there…

This is such a common occurrence but readers are becoming more and more proactive in calling out the lies by the media. The media attention on twitter was brutal and constant until the NYT finally admitted they were incorrect.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted out about the fake article calling out the New York Times and asking for a correction:

He also tweeted out the correction from Washington Examiner: “Shocking! Weird how it won’t get coverage now.”

He’s correct…


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