The New York Times has tweeted a correction to an earlier tweet from Tuesday afternoon claiming it is the role of the news media to ‘declare the winner of the election.’

JUST IN – The New York Times has tweeted a correction after earlier claiming that it is the role of the news media to ‘declare the winner of the election.’ The publication wrote, “The role of declaring the winner of the presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media. The broadcast networks and cable news outlets have vowed to be prudent. Here’s how it will work.”

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Since then, the New York Times tweeted, “Correction: We’ve deleted an earlier tweet that referred imprecisely to the role of the news media in the U.S. presidential election. The news media projects winners and reports results; it does not declare the winner of the election.”

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The Senior Editor for the Federalist and Senior Journalism Fellow at Hillsdale College, Mollie Hemingway, tweeted, “Beginning to suspect Big Media annihilating their tiny sliver of remaining credibility these last four years was a bad idea.”

“Twitter should of locked the NYT out of their account for at least the next 12 hours for spreading disinformation! That’s how this works now right?,” Nick Short tweeted.

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