Yesterday, the anti-Trump rag, The New York Daily used a horrific headline next to an image of Ivanka Trump to smear the President. The cover was clearly intended to create sympathy for the Iran-backed Hamas terrorists who stood on the Israeli border, launching Kites with Molotov cocktails over the border at Israeli security forces.

Fox News – The cover ridiculed Ivanka for being “all smiles” at the embassy opening while deadly clashes occurred in Gaza and even referred to her as a “deplorable” in a tweet promoting the derogatory cover.

Attacking the spouses and children of politicians has long been considered off limits, but Ivanka’s role in the administration creates gray area for the first daughter.

The actual story being promoted with the offensive cover doesn’t even back up the “ghoul” remark; the article is a straight-news story that doesn’t mention Ivanka until the fourth paragraph when it simply names members of the Trump administration who attended the opening.

But that didn’t stop the paper from using an image of Ivanka next to a bloody child, who was apparently hurt during the protests. The Daily News cover headline isn’t backed up by any journalism whatsoever, and she isn’t mentioned on the editorial page, either. The only thing inside the paper that coincides with the sleazy cover is a single photo caption noting that Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, celebrated the embassy opening while protests occurred in Gaza.

Here are just a few of the most recent anti-Israel headlines found in a Google search from the New York Times, as they weigh in on the violence between the Iran-backed Hamas terrorists and Israeli security forces. The New York Times makes no secret of their alliance with Hamas terrorists and against Israel for daring to defend themselves.

Four days before the opening of the US Embassy in Israel, The New York Times gave the leader of the Iran-back terror group Hamas a voice. The headline for their article read: 

As Gaza Teeters on Precipice, a Hamas Leader Speaks Out

With a climactic confrontation expected days from now at the fence separating the Gaza Strip from Israel, where Palestinians have been demonstrating for weeks, Yehya Sinwar, the leader in Gaza of Hamas, the militant group that rules the territory, offered little hope for a bloodless encounter.

“What’s the problem with hundreds of thousands of people parading through a fence that’s not a border?” he said Thursday. “What’s the problem with an influx like that?”

Mr. Sinwar offered lip service to nonviolence, saying he hoped that the presence of international journalists would constrain Israeli soldiers from massacring people who crossed the fence. But he demurred when asked if he would urge protesters to refrain from trying to cross the fence, as hundreds of others have tried with often fatal results. Since the demonstration began on March 30, 47 people have been killed and nearly 7,000 wounded.

It wasn’t until the fourth paragraph in the New York Times article that writers David M. Halbfinger and Iyad Abuheweila revealed the incendiary words of the terror group leader, revealing that they are “ready to die, and tens of thousands will die with us.”

A day earlier, however, speaking to hundreds of young Gazans, Mr. Sinwar was far less restrained in his language, saying, “We would rather die as martyrs than die out of oppression and humiliation,” and adding, “We are ready to die, and tens of thousands will die with us.”

The New York Times could have made “We are ready to die, and tens of thousands will die with us.” the headline for their pro-Palestine, anti-Israel, anti-Trump piece, but instead, they chose to make the piece about the plight of the terrorist.

Today, the very courageous UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley appeared before the UN Security Council and set the record straight about the violence the Palestinians Hamas terrorists have endured at the hands of the Israeli security forces.



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