District Court Judge Linda V. Parker, an appointee of former President Barack Obama, just dismissed a lawsuit brought by Sidney Powell seeking to overturn the presidential election results in Michigan.

The lawsuit was dismissed today in federal court with Judge Parker saying: “This case represents well the phrase: ‘this ship has sailed.’” 

“To be clear, Plaintiffs’ equal protection claim is not supported by any allegation that Defendants’ alleged schemes caused votes for President Trump to be changed to votes for Vice President Biden.”

Parker said that the relief sought by the defendants is beyond the power of the court:

“Plaintiffs ask this Court to ignore the orderly statutory scheme established to challenge elections and to ignore the will of millions of voters,” Parker wrote. “This, the Court cannot, and will not, do. The People have spoken.”

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The lawsuit from Sidney Powell alleged:

“The scheme and artifice to defraud were for illegally and fraudulently manipulating the vote count to manufacture an election of Joe Biden as president of the United States.” 

Who didn’t see this coming from a mile away? This judge is an Obama appointee…

Her Bio reads that she was director of the “Michigan Department of Civil Rights”…

Judge Linda V. Parker was nominated by President Barack Obama to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on July 25, 2013, and confirmed by the United States Senate on March 12, 2014.

Judge Parker served on the Third Judicial Circuit Court in Wayne’s County from December 2008 until her appointment.

A native Detroiter, Judge Parker is a former director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, a position she served from 2003 until 2008. Judge Parker is a former partner of the Detroit-based law firm, Dickinson Wright, PLC, and served as the first Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan in the US Attorney’s Office from 1994-2000.

Judge Parker is a University of Michigan graduate and received her law degree from George Washington University.

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