A native of Odessa, Texas has been identified as the shooter who killed 7 and injured many more yesterday in a shooting spree that began in Midland and ended in Odessa, Texas.

The New York Times is reporting that Ator had been fired from his job at a trucking company just hours before his shooting rampage, but say they haven’t found a motive for the shooting.

Authorities have been searching Ator’s brown metal shed house for clues. The ramshackle shed reportedly has no running water or electricity. Veronica Alonzo told CNN that Seth Ator approached her home holding a rifle during an argument about “leaving trash in a nearby dumpster.” She called the police, but no one came due to the difficulty of finding the street. Alonzo also told CNN that Ator would sleep in his car with the heat on when the weather got too cold.

According to CBS News, Seth Aaron Ator, 36, shot at police officers trying to make a traffic stop and then hijacked a U.S. Postal Service truck where he continued a shooting spree that killed seven and injured at least 19.

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A search of Texas’ birth index shows that Ator was born on September 27, 1982. His parents were listed as Debra Sue Warren and Denis Keith Ator. Online records suggest that Ator’s father is based in San Antonio while his mother lives in Amarillo.

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Ator’s parents were married in 1978 and divorced in 1987, according to records via the Texas Department of State Health Services. Records show that Ator also has one sister. According to Ancestry, the Ator family has long roots in Texas.

Ator has had run-ins with the police in the past. One for trespassing and another for evading arrest.


Fox News is reporting that a “white male in his 30’s” is now dead after injuring 24 and killing 5 in Odessa/Midland, Texas.

The shooting reportedly began when a driver was pulled over for not signaling on a left turn at an intersection. The driver began shooting at the police cruiser before he even stopped his car:

Texas Department of Public Safety Reports:

“Prior to the vehicle coming to a complete stop, the male driver (and only occupant in the vehicle) pointed a rifle toward the rear window of his car and fired several shots toward the DPS patrol unit. The patrol unit was occupied by two Troopers, and one was hit by the gunfire. The suspect fled the scene and continued shooting innocent people, including a Midland police officer and an Odessa police officer. The Trooper is in serious but stable condition, and the two other officers are in stable condition at a local hospital.”

The shooter moved on to randomly shoot at a driver who was at a stoplight and then went on to steal a mail truck.

Stunning video of the police chase and the shootout where the suspect was killed:

Please pray for the families of the victims in this senseless shooting.

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