Last night, Joe Biden appeared on the Democrat presidential candidate debate stage. Among other topics, the confused candidate hilariously spoke about how he was chosen as Barack Obama’s VP because of his relationship with the black community. One thing Joe Biden forgot to mention during the debate last night, is that earlier in the day, paternity test results proved that thanks to his cheating son, Hunter, he was a new grandfather.

In June, we reported about a petition for paternity and child support against presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, by his former 28-year-old girlfriend who Hunter dated while in a relationship with his deceased brother, Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden (pictured below).

According to the New York Post reports – Lunden Alexis Roberts, 28, filed the petition in August 2018.

The two-page suit was filed in Independence County, Arkansas, on May 28 — nearly two weeks after Hunter tied the knot with a South African woman named Melissa Cohen.

Hunter Biden, who split with his deceased brother’s wife in April recently married South African, Melissa Cohen on May 16th.

28-year-old Melissa Cohen

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Today, the Daily Mail release photos of the 28-year-old mother that were posted on Facebook.

28-yr-old Lunden Roberts (shown right with her pregnant sister Randi Jo Bolin), filed suit in Batesville, Arkansas, claiming that Hunter Biden is the father of her child
Roberts, who lived in Washington, D.C. for two years where she studied at George Washington University, is refusing to speak about her relationship with Biden, who is more than 20 years older than her.
Roberts (right) was a star basketball player at Southside High School and then went on to play for the University of Western Illinois before transferring to Arkansas State, where she played for the university’s team, the Red Wolves

The petition does not say how Roberts and Hunter met or how long they were together.

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Hunter Biden, 47, separated from his wife Kathleen in 2015, only five months after the death of his brother, Beau Biden.

Hunter Biden and wife of 23 years, Kathleen Biden. The divorced couple had three daughters together.

‘Hallie and I are incredibly lucky to have found the love and support we have for each other in such a difficult time, and that’s been obvious to the people who love us most. We’ve been so lucky to have family and friends who have supported us every step of the way,’ they said in a statement.

Vice President Joe Biden, who has mostly stayed out of the limelight since leaving office, also issued a statement along with his wife Jill, acknowledging the ‘sadness’ that brought the new couple together.

They offered their ‘complete support’ to the unusual pairing.

‘We are all lucky that Hunter and Hallie found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. They have mine and Jill’s full and complete support, and we are happy for them,’ Joe and Jill Biden said.

Only two months ago, the New York Post reported that Hunter Biden and his brother’s widow, Hallie Biden had split. One month later, Hunter Biden was married to 28-year-old Melissa Cohen.

You can’t make this stuff up! What do you think? Has the media given Joe Biden’s youngest son a pass on his history with cheating on his wife and his deceased brother’s widow? More importantly, have the media given Hunter Biden and his shady dealings with foreign countries that possibly involved the influence of his dad, who was Obama’s acting VP, a pass?

Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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