Nancy Pelosi must have been caught off guard when she was asked by TMZ about the “bombs” being sent to her cohorts on The Hill. She shrugged it off and said:

“Well, I have been..shall we say…an object of their, I’ve been a target for a very long time. So this is nothing new for me.”

What’s even better is the old beatnik comes out in Pelsoi when she says “we are a country of love”…Have another Gin and Tonic, Madam Speaker.

She goes on to explain why she claimed Trump is responsible for the threats but misses the mark in a big way…

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“What I said was when the president spoke, he actually started to blame some of it on the press and saying they have to rein in what they’re saying. The fact is, he has to reign in what he’s saying. Calling the press the enemy of the people, that’s not a good thing to do. Maybe he doesn’t know it, but a president’s words weigh a ton and they fall on different ears.”

The reporter asked: “So are you saying the president’s words are in some way responsible for these bombs being mailed?”

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“No, what we said…Chuck Schumer and I said…is the fact that children are watching, that the president should rein in some of his rhetoric because he divides people with some of what he says. Our country is a country of love, and that isn’t demonstrated by some of what he says.”

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