House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was hobnobbing at a gala in Los Angeles with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom (see photo below) when she was captured in a photo reenacting her State of the Union clap.

Yes, the same one that she swore up and down was sincere towards our president during his speech to Congress and the nation. Sure, just like Pelosi’s sincerity when she was pretending to read from some papers during the president’s speech?

The behavior from Pelosi was childish and petty. What’s even worse is she’s running around mocking the clap with Hollywood celebrities. What a poor excuse for a  leader.

We know it was intended as a slight to President Trump. Pelosi’s own daughter acknowledged it was a slight and said it brought her back to high school with her mom.

Social media grabbed onto this repeat of the rude clap and hammered away at Speaker Pelosi:

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The rude clap was celebrated by the left after Pelosi did it on the night of the SOTU but it didn’t overshadow the excellent speech by President Trump. He got the last laugh!

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The president got a 76% approval on his SOTU speech!

Is this why Schumer and Pelosi didn’t want him giving the speech?

There were several great moments where he got standing ovations. In particular, when he mentioned the economy and jobs.


Key Democrats couldn’t help themselves. They wore their emotions on their sleeves or in the case of Nancy Pelosi, on her mouth. Pelosi was unstoppable with the chewing and the strange expressions during the president’s speech.

She would look down like she was looking at papers, but it was clear that she didn’t want to look up.

The strangest move of the night was the sarcastic clap from Pelosi. What was that? What kind of leader behaves like a petulant child?

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