Former political strategist and presidential advisor Dick Morris is predicting a big comeback for Trump. According to Morris, two key serendipitous things have occurred that will catapult Trump to the front of the GOP lineup of presidential nominees.

Dick Morris

Dick Morris is a smart man, and his prediction is creating a stir. He believes Trump’s campaign can capitalize on the Twitter Files releasing damaging information on big tech and big government corruption and on Senator Mitch McConnell’s decision to jump on board the disastrous Omnibus bill. A bill that is both reckless in spending and what the money is spent on.
Twitter users have picked up on Morris’ prediction, noting that it should be given consideration, as Dick Morris is very sharp.

Morris believes Trump’s strategy will be to run on something that unites Americans; a distaste for corruption. Over the past two years, the level of exposed corruption coming from the three letter agencies, the White House, and the legislative body has been unfathomable. Perhaps the only thing to rival their underhanded malfeasance is the shady dealings found in big tech who opted to function as the handmaid of the government. Big government and big tech have a nasty role in Americans’ lives, colluding, negotiating, and using taxpayer dollars to defraud the public. Both are equally despicable. Both will help Trump win.
Trump is a favorite of the people because he stands against both and is considered a D.C. outsider. What has been his great challenge is also his great strength. Being an outsider has caused considerable chaos for Trump. The establishment fears him because they cannot control him, which makes patriotic Americans love him.
Both parties have worked against Trump but have failed to work for the benefit of Americans. Trump has truly drained the swamp, exposing the swamp creatures, and helped red-pill Americans who have trusted their government for far too long.

According to Morris, the Twitter expose combined with McConnell’s omnibus support are hugely important for Trump. He said,

“The Twitter Files exposé is one of the most shocking examples of government censorship and collusion with the FBI and Big Media ever.

Second, there’s the big spending, budget-busting omnibus bill Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., backed, effectively castrating the new Republican House majority.

Trump needs to run against the Swamp and the GOP establishment. McConnell is the very personification of the Swamp.

So Donald Trump has two great issues to ride: free speech and fighting McConnell.

…the country hates both: Big Media/Big Tech and Big Washington.

Trump is the antithesis to both.

I believe these two issues will power Trump to the 2024 Republican nomination, regardless of what Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis decides to do.

The Twitter-FBI censorship issue gives Trump the unique status of victim-in-chief.”

Morris is so confident of Trump’s position he wrote a book about it called “The Return.” In the book, he predicted Trump would turn the tables on Big Tech, which he is currently doing.

He also noted that the media’s cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop, which exposes Joe’s business connections to China, was a “direct effort to sway the 2020 election — this was one of the most dangerous governmental efforts to interfere in an election ever.”

This battle against corruption is Donald Trump’s, not DeSantis’. And according to Morris, Trump will win the fight.

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