President Trump zinged former President Obama during a West Virginia rally for Patrick Morrissey after Former President Obama had spoken earlier in the day in a mocking speech that tried to cut President Trump down to size. The problem is that you just don’t do that to Trump. Obama just came off as sour grapes with his bitter mocking.

President Trump said he had to listen to Obama’s speech because he had nothing else to do on Air Force One. Funny! He spoke about the small crowd size in Miami for Obama’s speech.

The president brought up Obama slamming him for saying the press is the enemy of the people. The problem is that Trump never said that. he said FAKE NEWS is the enemy of the people. Big difference! President Trump went on to say that nobody was worse to the press than Obama then used the example of when Obama used the Justice Department to go after reporters.

President Trump bought up the 28 times Obama lied about healthcare then dropped this great line:

“But I heard President Obama speak today. I had to listen I was in the plane and I had nothing else to do. And I heard him talk about telling the truth. He was talking about, ‘You have to tell the truth’ and yet 28 times he said you can keep your doctor, if you like your doctor. You can keep your plan, if you like your plan. They’re all lies, over and over again you heard that.”

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“Lie after lie, broken promise after broken promise, that’s what he did. Unlike President Obama, we live by a different motto, it’s called promises made, promises kept.”

Our former president continued his unprecedented criticism of President Trump today during an appearance in Miami, Florida for Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson. Never before have we had a former president criticize the current president as Obama has in the past two years. This is beyond just criticism…it’s mocking, making fun of our president…Uncool!

This short clip of Obama has it all: – Mocks Ebola outbreak that killed thousands – Mocks press for caring about Hillary’s e-mails. – Mocks Trump for cell phone use – Says “a bunch of poor refugees” not a threat – Says Trump moving troops to border is “a political stunt”

Every single one of the things listed that Obama mocked our president for are very serious things encountered by our government or the American people. Making fun of them is sophomoric at best.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s breach of classified information is a very serious topic. It was reported that the breach could have caused the deaths of several intel agents.

President Trump refuted the claim about his phone. So there’s that. No, China isn’t listening to President Trump’s phone calls on his cell phone.

Former President Obama might want to check out the videos that show violence at the border between Guatemala and Mexico…”poor refugees” throwing rocks.

Troops at the border? It is NOT a political stunt but it is EXACTLY what a president is sworn to do…Protect the citizens of America!

President Trump also called out Obama in this great commentary from July of 2017 on Obama’s lies about Obamacare:

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