President Trump immediately read a statement about Nancy Pelosi canceling the SOTU:

Something tells us he was ready for this and will checkmate her with an even better location for his speech.

President Trump on Speaker Pelosi blocking the State of the Union: “The State of the Union speech has been canceled by Nancy Pelosi because she doesn’t want to hear the truth. She doesn’t want the American public to hear what’s going on.”

“We just found out that she’s cancelled it & I think that’s a great blotch on the incredible country that we all love. It’s a great great horrible mark. I don’t believe it’s ever happened before. It’s always good to be part of history but this is very a negative part of history.”

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Steve Scalise nailed it with his tweet about what happened. He called it “petty, unprecedented, and beneath Congress”.

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First Nancy Pelosi invited to deliver the during the shutdown. Then she claimed there were security concerns, which DHS & Secret Service promptly refuted. She’s run out of excuses other than pure obstruction. It’s petty, unprecedented, and beneath Congress.

Kevin McCarthy also came out with a statement:

Pelosi’s statement blocking President Trump from delivering the SOTU is below:

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