This is why we elected this amazingly strong president. President Trump was just the one sensible person in the room who hasn’t been blinded by the wildest, prolific political agenda of our generation. At least someone is resisting the pressure to back this unscientific, unprovable, preposterous supposition. Good for him. Maybe President Trump heard Rush Limbaugh call out the bogus report on climate change that just came out (see Limbaugh’s revealing report below).

World leaders at the G-20 summit on Saturday signed a statement pledging support for the Paris climate agreement and a promise to reform the WTO. All of the leaders EXCEPT President Trump signed the climate change statement!

The statement calls for reforming the World Trade Organization and also says that the 19 leaders, excluding President Trump, commit to fighting climate change through the Paris agreement.

The United States reiterates its decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, and affirms its strong commitment to economic growth and energy access and security, utilizing all sources and technologies, while protecting the environment.
— G20 communique

President Trump has objected to the previously agreed upon Paris agreement since he took office. He has called out the Obama administration for this bad deal.

We love that he didn’t cave while all of the other world leaders did. We’re sure Al Gore is livid…LOL!

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The argument the left has been using to support climate change is the report recently released by the government. The problem is that the report by an Obama administration crony who’s still working in the administration. Rush Limbaugh busted this scam wide open on his show revealing that the so-called “scientist” is NOT a scientist.

It’s too bad our media is so in-the-bag for the left, otherwise, they would have uncovered this important detail about the climate change report.


RUSH: So I’m watching CNN this morning, I have it on, all of a sudden I look up and I see Christine Todd Whitman. Christine Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey and quintessential Republican establishment type, RINO, if you will, right out of the McCain wing of the party. You know what she’s talking about? The need for serious climate change action.

She’s quoting from the Trump administration climate change report which, for about the gazillionth time now in the last 30 years, warns us that we only have 10 years left to address these dire circumstances or else by the end of the century, 82 years from now, we’re gonna die. We have 10 years. And, if we don’t do what these people say needs to be done in 10 years, then in another 82 years, we are gonna die.

I looked at that just on the surface of it. How do we even have a chance when brain-dead RINOs even fall for this stuff? And, by the way, I mean brain-dead falling for it. It could well be that they’re just their own version of pro-government, leftist-type activists and sign on to it just because the government says so. But I also wonder how many people on our side who buy into this stuff really just don’t know, they just accept it because they think the sources are credible?

Well, it turns out — and of course one of the selling points in this latest climate report, “Well, it came from Trump’s own administration!” And the media’s loving running around saying that Trump’s saying I just don’t believe it. “Well, what do you mean? Your own administration put out the report.” And Trump said (paraphrasing), “I didn’t put out the report. It may have come from people who work in Washington, but they’re not part of my operation. I did not put out the report. I do not believe it.”

Then they start mocking him and making fun of him as being a full-fledged idiot. And if you’re just patient, if people are just patient and we eventually will find out, “Andrew Light, who worked on the 2015 Paris accord negotiations as a senior adviser to the U.S. Special Envoy on Climate Change under Secretary of State John F. Kerry, served as a review editor for the assessment –” In other words, an Obamaite wrote this climate report in the Trump administration.

“Andrew Light, who worked on the 2015 Paris accord negotiations as a senior adviser to the U.S. Special Envoy on Climate Change under Secretary of State John F. Kerry, served as a review editor for the assessment, overseeing the pivotal final chapter that concluded under a worst-case scenario that global warming could wipe out as much as 10 percent of the U.S. economy by 2100.”

“Mr. Light also spent five years as senior fellow and director of international climate policy at the Center for American Progress, which was founded and now led by longtime Democratic insider [and phishing victim] John Podesta. The center is also financed by liberal billionaires such as Mr. Soros and Mr. Steyer.”

So this Trump administration, like any other, has career appointees. The left gets themselves appointed to these career positions, they never leave, and they serve to corrupt. Even though we have a new president from a New Party, Obamaites still populate much of Washington in the bureaucracies and in the cabinet level departments and so forth, like FDA, EPA. I mean they’re all over the place, just like the left appoints judges who are left-wing activists, not really judges, and they are there to provide election loss insurance.

And so here we basically have somebody that worked for John Kerry and this phony special envoy on climate change who had the final review of the Trump administration National Climate Assessment.

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